Salmon Masala -  13.95
A truly mouthwatering dish consisting of salmon fillet cooked in a
tangy spicy sauce. (May contain bones)  
Manchurian Palate -  12.95
A choice of vegetables or chicken or seafood, cooked in
Manchurian sauce. *Seafood 2.00 extra charge.  
Schezwan Palate -  12.95
A choice of vegetables or chicken or seafood, cooked in red bell
pepper sauce. *Seafood 2.00 extra charge.  
Tawa Chicken 13.95
Cooked in an iron skillet with our own unique blend of selected spices & garnsihed with fresh chillies.
Lamb or Chicken Karahi -  13.95
Exquisitely prepared using the chefs selected spices giving a
wonderful rich flavour.  
Chicken Tikka Masala -  13.95
Sweet, spicy flavoured dish cooked in a rich creamy almond &
coconut sauce.  
Chicken Balti 13.95
A dish cooked with traditional Indian spices in an iron wok over high heat.  
Lamb or Chicken Rogan Josh 13.95
A dish prepared with generous use of peppers, tomatoes and onions with aromatic spices -
created from an old family recipe.
Methi Chicken 14.95
A dish prepared with chicken combines with fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves that gives
unique taste.
Biriyani                                    13.95
Renowned Indian dish - basmati rice flavoured with exotic spices layered with lamb or chicken
served with a curry sauce.
Dhaba Murgh                           13.95
Spicy, hot, fragrant chicken curry made with ground spices, onions and tomatoes

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