Sizzling Palate aims to challenge expectations...  
Try one of our refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails  
Mojito -  5.50
The national drink of Brazil - the most refreshing drink on the planet.
Fresh mint, lime, sugar: raspberry / apple / pineapple / mandarin / strawberry
Mule -  5.00
Lime juice, sugar and freshly hulled fruit charged with lashings of ginger beer:
Passion fruit / Raspberry / Strawberry / Honey  
Collins -  5.00
Lime juice, sugar and freshly hulled fruit topped with soda.
Raspberry / Strawberry / Summer Fruits  
Pomegranate Refresher  5.00
Pomegranate juice, raspberry and lime infusion.  
Innocent Passion 5.50
Passion fruit juice and cranberry juice, lemon and soda


Caribbean Delight


Pineapple and coconut juice shaken with splash of ginger and ice.


Mango Cooler


Mango, orange and fresh mint fusion.


Blue Shoe


Taste of a mishmash of sweet and tart fruit with citrus.


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