Fantastic food served hot on a sizzling palate! Worth every penny! Parking is a nuisance more so because of the walk past drunk people especially when it’s late. Restaurant is a lil cramped but with food as delicious as theirs, they get away with it! Highly recommended (’’.)

Niala Ali

Been here twice and on second visit cannot say food was brilliant. it was a very very busy Saturday evening and it was more a case of sit, order, food and out, as quick as they can. Staff were very good and a tentative thou


We, as a family have now been dining at Sizzling Palate for several years. The food (sizzlers) is second to none and one of my favourite places. Most places start off well and the standard drops after a while, but it’s a credit to the chef(s) and the management that they have maintained high standards of quality food. The waiting time can be a bit frustrating at times but that only reflects the popularity of the restaurant.


I live in keighley which is about an hour drive to sizzling pallette ... omggg i cant appreciate this place enough ... stafff is soooo good ... they do take bit long to bring food but at the end of the day its all about making fresh food .. we have always been welcomed with respect .. food is excellent i have no words to explain how good their food is .. its worth driving for an hour ... highly highly highly recommended !!!


Amazing food would deffo recommend


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