We are closed until further notice due to the pandemic in order to protect the safety of our staff and customers. We look forward to serving you again as soon as possible.


Pappadoms 0.65
Special Salad 4.50
Pickle Tray 2.75
Mix Raita 2.50
Stir Fried Noodles 3.95
Tandoori Roti 1.50
Plain Naan 1.95
Garlic Naan 2.20
Peshware Naan 2.50
Kheema Naan 2.75
Pilau Rice 2.25
Egg Fried Rice 3.50
Chicken Fried Rice 5.50
Fried Rice 3.75
Plain Rice 1.95
Prawn Fried Rice 5.95